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Why Turkey ?

  • The optimum point on the price and quality standards.
  • Abundant trained labor force, managerial man power and professional business persons.
  • Geographical advantage of being neighbour to the Europe, Balkans and Middle Eastern Countries as well as the New Independent States. Accordingly this able to send the goods in a short delivery time.
  • Over 35.000 textile companies are able to produce different quality and price range, even in a low quantities.
  • Competitive manufacturing industry due to availability of raw materials, technological developments and abolishment of state intervention.
  • Outward oriented dynamic economy and free trade in both exports and imports.
  • Foreign policy aimed at establishing friendly relations with all countries.
  • Integration of the Turkish Economy with the world economic system due to the establishment of a Customs Union with the European Union and being a founding member of the World Trade Organization.
  • Dynamic and young society with approximately 72 million people.